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Posts: 16
Hi Folks,

I'm a frequent backpacker in Anza B (backpacked there over 20 times)

I just recently read about the fires in July
The article speculated that Palm Mesa burned
and maybe parts of Sheep, Cougar and Salavador canyons

Have any of the readers here been up those canyons recently?
Can they comment on whther the fire hit them or not?

I'm planning 2 trips to those regions in the next couple months
and am curious what happened.

p.s. I was hking in the Salvador canyon area last January.
I had heard that there is water up there somewhere
and an old Cahuilla village site. I went up a couple miles (starting from the jeep trail),
about to where Yucca valley comes in on the right, but didnt see a drop of water.

Anyone have an idea just how far up the canyon the water is?
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