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Posts: 1275
We have visited the cattleman's linehouse in Rockhouse Canyon a handful of times.
We have always taken the same route which starts in Carrizo Gorge, crosses the BLM fence and then opens up to the huge expanse of Rockhouse Canyon.
We actually used to camp at the BLM fence but was later told we were not supposed to be driving in there. (This was before the signs were put up). I even went as far as to pull out an old topo map from the 70's showing a clearly marked jeep trail but that didn't help my case.

This time we decided to hike from the Bow Willow campground where we would hike up the wash , over the saddle and down into Rockhouse Canyon/Valley.

We spent the night in Jojoba Wash. Never saw another person.

Desert solitude as Mary heads up the Bow Willow Wash

While it is early in the season this Monkeyflower didn't seem to mind.

Decent size bone which we are guessing could be from a Big Horn Sheep

Evidence that a LOT of water came rushing through here recently.

Mary cresting the saddle that divides Bow Willow canyon from Rockhouse canyon

Looking into Rockhouse canyon from the saddle summit

Heading up towards the linehouse

We have visited the old cattlemen's line house a handful of times over the last ten or so years. Each time it looks a little worse for wear.

Quite ingenious using the large boulder as a side wall. Inside you will find an old bed spring as well as a fireplace.

Mr. Vincent from France wanted to leave his mark on the 70 year old door to the linehouse upset

Mary makes herself at home.

The old water catchment dated 1942 would make a great desert hot tub. smile

Heading back towards Bow Willow Canyon up the old trail

We did find a lone desert palm tree prior to our last descent into Bow Willow canyon where our Land Cruiser patiently waited for us.
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