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DRT Lakeside
DRT Lakeside
Posts: 62

DRT Lakeside
DRT Lakeside
Posts: 62
Took a day trip with the dog out to Yuha Desert.
I had wanted to get out to the Shell Beds since I was a kid and a friend gave me some fossil oysters. Figured I would swing by the Crucifixion Thorn Wilderness Area and then head out to the shell beds from the 98, maybe catch the geoglyphs etc., end up at the Dunaway exit and head out to Superstition Mt. area to visit some friends camping out there.
I have driven past the sign for the Crucifixion Thorn area a bunch of times and the map shows a campground, so I wanted to check it out. Not what I pictured, and may have been nicer in the past + it turns out the Crucifixion Thorns are right by the road anyway....
Heavy USBP presence but they were very friendly.
Forgot my map of the Yuha trails (turns out the maps are not that accurate, at least for me) It was fun, but the deep power sucking sand is not easy in our little samurai.
Made it to the shell beds, but I think many of the trails are sort of washed out or have meandered around. It was fun, but I want to go back and explore a little more when I have time to spare.
Pics and captions are here:


PS one of the wind turbines was spinning on the way down, slowly and maybe just for show since the newspaper article said they were powering up. Also noticed on the way home in the dark that each tower has a blinking red light on top and a bunch of them blink in unison. All night long.....

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