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Posts: 1268

Liars contest rides again!
  • When: Saturday April 6
  • Where: Pegleg Road and Henderson Canyon Road

  • Preposterous prevaricators, languid liars, and ridiculous raconteurs will assemble at dusk on Saturday, April 6th for the umpteenth annual revival of Borrego’s own Pegleg Smith Liars Contest.

  • A celebration of the classic American art of obfuscation, the Liars Contest provides a singular opportunity for both desert denizens and neophyte newcomers to savor a rare glimpse of Desert Rats in their natural habitat.

  • Verbal assaults are expected to adhere to an authentic desert theme, and are only limited by the patience of the often unruly audience (usually about five minutes). Incidents of veracity during the course of the contest will be dealt with in a most severe manner. Enduring fame and environmentally-friendly recycled prizes await the victors.

  • As always, the festivities will be held alongside the genuine, official California State Historical Landmark (#750) honoring the genuine, authentic Thomas Long “Pegleg” Smith, near the corner of (where else?) Pegleg Road and Henderson Canyon Road, in the suburbs of Borrego Springs.

  • Visitors are reminded to bring their own seating, beverages, and an ample supply of good humor.

  • All entrants receive a recycled trophy and a certificate of participation. Judges award points for originality, costume, audience reaction, and mention of Pegleg Smith (not Pegleg Pete or points are deducted) and/or lost gold.

  • This year the program has two distinguished MCs – the Mayor of Borrego Springs (that’s not a lie!) and the Empress of the Salton Sea who is returning to regale us with her tales of having met Pegleg.

  • Be there at Pegleg Monument at dusk or by 7 p.m. when the MCs will begin to warm up the crowd.

  • Once again there will be both a children’s division and an adult division. Polish up your stories, wear a costume, sing a tune, play an instrument – everything goes!

  • Win a coveted trophy!

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