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Posts: 892
Took my daughter for a short-hike and tourist adventure to Borrego Springs. One place I had never visited was Big Spring. Before heading out, we spoke with someone at the Visitor Center who said the whole area had burned this summer, exposing the bones of sheep and other animals around the immediate area of the spring. We were told that a lot of bones were taken by souvenir hunters, which deprives folks who come along later the experience of seeing things as they naturally occur. The view down to Big Spring:

A few bones remained, though none of the skulls that apparently were there after the fires:

There were a few cat tracks too. Classic, three-lobed heel pad, large 3.5 inch diameter beauties. My daughter asked why we were following the mountain lion tracks. I said we were going that way anyway. smile

The general scene:

Lots of flowing water and a giant water bug, of the family Belostomidae. I remembered that they have an extremely painful bite (not from personal experience), so didn't attempt to handle it!

Got some video of this guy, hope the link works:

Some apricot mallow and other plants:

A few shallow morteros were exposed by the fire, apparently covered by sugarbush previously:

There must be a lot of calcium carbonate in this water, because we came upon a lot of calcified plant roots and concretions of calcium along the stream:

Here, you can actually see a plant root entombed by calcium:

Looks like a combination of fire and flood took this fan palm downstream:

My daughter trying to break up a fight:

Dad's turn for a silly photo. Maybe a new avatar photo:

Bird nest in the Galleta Meadows area:

Be different:

Mud tracks:

More statues, we visited most of them I think... nice relaxing trip and best part....my daughter wants to go back...!

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