Anza Borrego

Day trip to the Mud Caves at Arroyo Tapiado in the Carrizo Badlands

Join us as we explore the amazing Anza Borrego mud caves and slot canyons in Arroyo Tapiado.
You can read the Mud Caves Trip Report here.

Important Anza Borrego Mud Cave Tips:

The Anza-Borrego Mud Caves are a series of natural caves located in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California. The caves are formed by the erosion of soft sedimentary rock, which has created a network of tunnels and chambers that visitors can explore.

The mud caves vary in size and complexity, ranging from simple tunnels to larger rooms with multiple entrances and exits. Some of the caves are wide enough to stand up in, while others require visitors to crawl or squeeze through narrow passages.

⚠ Exploring the mud caves can be a challenging and potentially dangerous activity, as the caves can be dark, narrow, and unstable. Visitors are advised to bring a flashlight and wear sturdy footwear, as well as to exercise caution and avoid going too far into the caves.

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